Closeup of the Buccaneer Computer Keyboard Vintage cabochons, held in place by a brass plate.
Steampunk Keyboard. "The Buccaneer"

Welcome to Rampkins

We produce beautiful handcrafted, steampunk themed computer keyboards and ship them worldwide!

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Handcrafted Keyboard with Wooden Keys.

Our "Buccaneer" keyboards are comprised of a sturdy hardwood frame with brass plated sides and a hand engraved "Rampkins" nameplate at the front. The brass or wooden keys are mounted on robust Cherry MX switches, and protrude through separate holes in the genuine gold-tooled, desk leather faceplate. Vintage cabochons cover the status lights, and glow when in use.


Feedback from satisfied customers.

Link to our build log.

We took the time to create a 'making of' for our first Buccaneer keyboard. You can view the process here.